A new approach to pollination

Sting-Less is all about producing colonies of Australian Native Stingless Bees. They are effective pollinators for a growing number of crops and are a wonderful backyard feature for anyone and everyone. 

How We Can Help

Pollination Solutions
& Leasing

By tapping into the potential that stingless bees possess, Sting-Less aims to cover all your pollination needs. Sting-Less is able to tailor a colony leasing program to your crop with the aim of maximising the quality and volume of your yields.

Hivebox Maintenance
& Reproduction

Have any colonies ready to split? Once a year has passed since it’s last split and is over 4kg net weight, Sting-Less can split any colonies that you may have. In nearly all instances, this service is matched with the sale of new hive boxes

Learn About Sting-Less

When you hear the word “bee”, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking of honeybees. However, most people are unaware of Australia’s very own native bee species. Out of the 1600+ species of Aussie bees, a handful of which can be managed and propagated in hive boxes.

Based in Valla, Mid-North-Coast, Sting-Less specialises in the use of stingless bees for crop pollination and the brokerage of colonies. Sting-Less provides a tailored pollination service for your crop to best meet your needs and maximise the quality and volume of your yields, no two cases are the same!

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Colonies are in very high demand and short supply, updates concerning the wait time is communicated here. 

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